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It is always good to get feedback from our customers and this one appealed to us particularly !

Kim – it is a couple of years ago since our kitchen was designed and installed by yourselves.  It is still looking really fresh and is working very well for us.  We wanted to give you, and your team there, special feedback on the dog bed/den which you incorporated into the kitchen.  This was the unit which originally attracted us into your showroom, when we saw it in a magazine, as we felt it would allow Speckles (our energetic springer/collie who was then 11 years old) to be at the centre of things in the kitchen without being under our feet.  

All, and we do mean all, our friends thought we were crazy doing this and predicted it would be the last place on earth that Speckles (who was a real character and had a mind of her own) would choose to lay – how wrong they were.  She took to it on day one and found it a very safe and enjoyable space.  Sadly Speckles died in September last year; a few of our friends have since given us a knowing ’so what are you going do with that space now’ kind of a smile.  Well, as you’ll see from the pictures Josie, who is just 8 weeks old, spotted the ‘den’ very soon after she arrived last Thursday but couldn’t quite climb up into it, by Friday morning she was managing to scramble up and by Friday evening she collected her favourite toys together and dragged them all back into the den.  

We’d thought you like to know that whatever it is about the design or the way your team build these units,  dogs of all ages seem to love them, so if you have any future customers hesitating about including a den in their kitchen please assure them it is highly likely to be be very well used whether their dog is young or old, large or small!

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