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When it comes to kitchen build, design and installation we are often faced with square pegs and round holes which can present a challenge. That is to say that most period properties do not generally have rooms with square corners, level floors and flat ceilings to work with.

These beautiful period properties of varying ages were built in an era prior to steel joists and concrete. Instead natural materials including wooden lintels and lathe and plaster walls were used. These methods created comfortable environments and were well suited to free standing furniture rather than todays generally preferred choice of fitted kitchen furniture.

Fortunately our team of cabinet makers and installers are used to working with such challenges and have a number of tricks up their sleeves to ensure that the newly designed kitchen fits snugly in its new surroundings.

Hand drawings of the kitchen design stageWhen we set out on a new kitchen design many of our ideas are sketched out by hand to help get the concept visualised. We then use AutoCAD software to create the entire room complete with a rendered model of the newly designed kitchen.

Working with digital tools such as AutoCAD allows us to create 3 dimensional models of every part of the new kitchen. We then assemble the components and create a virtual representation of the new kitchen design.

This helps our clients to see a visual replica of their new kitchen and allows us to tweak and refine the design before we start the cabinet making. Its good to have as much information as possible in drawings so the client can really understand and it is good for the install team so that everyone knows where everything goes and there are no doubts.

By bringing the kitchen to life virtually before starting the build makes the whole job more efficient and the end result more refined and pleasing. There are many variables to consider when planning kitchen space and since the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in a home, careful planning is very important. So AutoCAD not only helps clients to clarify their thoughts but it also helps our craftsmen so they have detailed plans to work from.

AutoCAD deisn showing the kitchen and rest of the homeThis process extends to all rooms of the home, whether you are looking to renovate a bedroom, bathroom, boot room cloak room or utility room our designers can help get your thoughts and ideas in to a working model so you can see the finished article before we start the work !

Not only can we show the re-design of the room and its new cabinetry but we can also include the proposed lighting sinks and taps and even the flooring. There is no limit to the level of detail which can be created once you have the layout or footprint in place.

So if you are thinking of a new handmade kitchen, or renovation of another room or rooms in your home then why not speak with our designers so we can get the ball rolling and get make your dreams become a reality.

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