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Last month saw Barnes of Ashburton Feature in English Homes magazine with an article on bespoke design and how our services extend to virtually every room in the house.

Although traditionally Barnes is known for its handmade kitchens we have over the past 15 years or so become more involved in interior design of other rooms. Sometimes this has arisen as a result of having designed and built a new kitchen for a client and they have come back to us for more design inspiration. More latterly, we have been approached by new customers wanting the skills of our designers and artisan cabinetmakers to inject some new life in to one or more rooms in their home.

The English Home article can be read below and includes some of our more recent interior design including both classic and contemporary styles and a range of rooms from a boot room, a home office and a luxurious master bedroom suite.

Whether it is a multifunctional open-plan kitchen, a practical boot room, creative home office or a luxurious master suite, a bespoke design is tailored to every need

Having designed bespoke kitchens for over 40 years, we have worked with many local partners and established close ties with many of them which allows us to bring additional expertise to our design and build projects. Our team consists designers, cabinet makers, finishers and more. But when it comes to working with other specialist materials like stone for floors and work tops we work with our trusted partners who deliver what is requested in a timely way bringing with them expertise that helps maintain the standards of quality that we have.

As you’ll read in the article, “We pride ourselves on our traditional methods of cabinetmaking blended with a modern approach to design,” says Kim. “We get asked to create so many different designs that no two projects are ever the same”.

Having seen a substantial shift in the way we use our homes in the past 12 months, we are able to offer insights in to re-design of home space to accommodate working from home and home study for those of you with students living at home. Our range of free-standing furniture has expanded to include items for home office space including work stations, desks and cabinetry to conceal your office space once you are finished for the day.

English Home magasine March 2021 interior design by Barnes

Barnes of Ashburton in English Home magasine article on home designWith Barnes of Ashburton, an interior project will be inspirational, practical and above all timeless, with carefully considered details and a quality build that lasts a lifetime. To book an appointment for a consultation call us on 01364 653613.

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