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In the past couple of years we have seen resurgence in the popularity of free standing furniture in kitchens ranging from traditional dressers to ever popular kitchen islands. Custom made hand built kitchen units can provide just the bespoke personal feel that you are looking for in your new kitchen.

A freestanding wooden kitchen island in a Barnes kitchen

Here at Barnes we have been making handmade free standing furniture for all rooms of the house for many years and to see this trend towards more being used in the kitchen is great news. For many, the desire to bring some enhanced cohesion to the home is top priority and brings with it opportunities for beautiful bespoke craftsmanship. Bringing this continuity throughout the home gives the rooms some link in common which can tie the home together in a rather special way.

A free standing Barnes pantry shown with wooden doors open and closedOur handmade kitchen cabinetry will last for decades and comes with a lifelong guarantee. Many customers return to us after 10 or so years requesting a makeover where we repaint and or consider changing small items such as door furniture to give a fresh look and feel. This can be done with ease and can in many cases give the kitchen a whole new look with very little effort.

Freestanding kitchen furniture

Freestanding kitchen furniture helps some homes to break away from the all integrated look. Having large appliances such as range cookers and large US style fridge freezers can sometimes dominate the kitchen but good design and use of some freestanding pieces can really break things up and give the kitchen design a real lift. In addition, individual items can define different zones within the kitchen breaking apart the work, storage and serving areas and giving the room a more spacious feel.

At Barnes we advise mixing fitted furniture with freestanding where possible to move away from a uniform look. Popular freestanding kitchen items include butchers blocks, kitchen islands and pantry style cupboards and dressers. Pantry cabinets can be made so you can actually work at them, including power or worktop appliances, granite shelves, cold shelves, storage and internal lighting. Making the items movable offers flexibility and they can be repositioned depending on how and where they are needed.

With a wide variety of materials at hand kitchen furniture can combine all manner of woods, stone and metals including lovely finishes such as distressed zinc. Wood can be finished in so many ways including natural or using great environmentally sound products such as Osmo finishes and Farrow and ball paints. This all boils down to personal choice with some wanting the unit to blend in with the rest of the room, whilst others favour a bright pop of colour to draw attention to the stand-alone furniture piece.

Whatever your style of property and personal whims we are always keen to listen to your ideas then use our interior design experience to give your new kitchen that distinctive personal look. Why not get in touch so we can look at what we can do to further your ideas for that all important new dream kitchen !

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