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If you need some ideas to plan the design of your new kitchen and you have limited space then this post might offer some inspiration!

There are some folk who swear that a small kitchen has the edge on bigger ones. They’ll argue that the shortage of space actually makes for efficencey, from the storage of tools and gadgets to reducing food waste. With a small kitchen you tend to know exactly what you have and where it is, this can mean cleaner, less cluttered and perhaps more purposefully curated kitchens that aren’t wasteful.

Compact can be bijou and with a few planning tips can make all the difference maximising both space and function in your new kitchen. At Barnes we can design and fit new handmade kitchens creating that dream whatever the space available.

A compact kitchen design from BarnesMaximise storage space

When designing a kitchen for a relatively small space we always look to maximise the storage space available. This can mean looking high and low for all opportunities. Often it is best to store items based on how often they are needed. Starting at the top, additional cabinets can be made to fit right to the ceiling. Ideal for storing special or occasional items high kitchen cupboards can be made the same depth as the base units and wall units or they can be increased to provide extra storage space.

Similarly the space under the floor mounted cabinets can also be used to house smaller thinner items. In most kitchens space behind the plinth is effectively wasted but can provide invaluable space for things like trays, oven shelves and cooling racks.

As with this featured compact kitchen, we decided to use shelves in place of wall mounted cabinets which helps to keep the space around the work tops free for food preparation and allows the natural light to circulate. In addition to the shelves a classic Barnes plate rack was also wall mounted to provide quick access to plates without blocking out the natural light from the nearby window.

Waste away

Kitchen design often comes unstuck when deciding where to put the waste and recycling bins. We can offer free standing, enclosed and even counter top access to your waste and recycling bins.

Kitchen colours

Although short on physical space there are a couple of simple tricks that help to make the small kitchen actually look a bit bigger. Matching the kitchen cupboards with the walls can give the impression of more space, particularly when lighter colours or shades of white are used. This helps to create the illusion of space because the units tend to blend in to the kitchen walls.

The Barnes kitchen plate rackAwkward corners

Most kitchens big or small have the odd corner with no real function. The under worktop space can become an idle cavern unless that is you take advantage of clever storage solutions like hinged racks or pull out swing drawers. These allow you to use not only the space directly behind the door but also the space to the side which is otherwise inaccessible, meaning that you don’t have to be a contortionist to reach that occasionally used skillet that’s lurking at the back.

Mobile storage

In some kitchen situations having some mobile storage is a great work around. From kitchen trolleys to wheeled butchers blocks, these have the advantage of being able to be moved to make space where you need it or out of the way when not required. Both of these kitchen items have work space on top and an additional storage below to help cater for larger items.

Small kitchens do have their benefits, for a start anything that you may need is never far away. You can keep everything to hand which makes food prep so much easier. Cooking centers on 3 key appliances being the cooker, the fridge and the sink so when they are closer together then food prep is more productive. Finally, in a smaller kitchen there isn’t enough room for too many cooks ! a smaller kitchen may only have enough space for 1 or 2 people so its easier to take control of that space during food preparation.

If you are looking to design and build your new kitchen irrespective of the space you have, the team here at Barnes would love to hear from you so we can unlock the potential and make that new kitchen a dream come true.


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