Real Design & Restoration

In 2003 Patrick Gunning of Barnes designed a new kitchen for our 16th century listed cottage and we were thrilled with the result.  We have enjoyed the kitchen for many years.

A conversation whilst on holiday in February 2016 led us to consider having our kitchen knocked down and a new, bigger kitchen built that would link into an existing barn, that would become a breakfast room and study.  We discussed our ideas with Woodford Associates, Ashburton and with the team at Barnes.  We wanted to re-use as much of the existing kitchen cupboards, worksurfaces and other items as possible and found Patrick and Kim to be very enthusiastic about refurbishing the original cupboards and making additional cupboards to complement those we already had.

Barnes kindly stored the original kitchen whilst their highly skilled craftsmen refurbished it and made the new cupboards.  The run of cabinets/cupboards that had been on the end wall of the house were returned to the same position in the new kitchen with the original granite work surface.  A large elm topped island was made by using existing and new cupboards, providing a spectacular feature in the kitchen.  The existing sink and taps were refurbished and reused as part of the island, which incorporates dishwasher drawers and a washing machine.

The very skilled craftsmen, from Barnes, who made the new cupboards, fitted the kitchen and installed the appliances worked hard to ensure everything went smoothly.  Their attention to detail and finish was exemplary.  Once the cupboards were in place they were beautifully painted by Ben Stretton.

A bespoke dresser, made by the cabinetmakers at Barnes, completes the kitchen, giving a wonderful display area for part of our collection of craftsman made pottery. We are delighted with the completed project.