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Many of us have the dream of a house lavish enough to have a dressing room that is dedicated to storing our personal attire from shoes to handbags to ample hanging space for garments of all manners.

Well lit dressing room hanging spaceHere at Barnes of Ashburton we are often asked to design such a space which is not only functional and stores everything but also reflects your tastes and the design of the adjoining rooms.

Our bespoke design and build service allows us to create such wonderful spaces and fit them with cabinetry, wardrobes, drawers and more to allow you to comfortably home your valuable garments.

With purposeful design in mind we see how we can make best use of the space available whether it’s a walk in dressing room or a smaller space. For those with plenty of space dressing rooms can also contain handmade freestanding furniture such as a dressing table that adds elegance or large mirrors that can add light, creating the feeling of greater space.

Our key objective is to create a tidy calming space where you can get changed and ready for the day. So our initial approach is to assess the space available and see what balance of open and closed storage systems are best adopted to house your attire.

Bespoke storage solutions for dressing rooms

Open storage systems such as rails, racks and orderly shelves allow you to view clothes and accessories with ease. Closed storage such as cupboards and drawers allow you to store other items including shoes and boots which are often kept in their original boxes. In open storage areas additional lighting can be used where necessary to lift the room and provide shadow free space where all can be seen with ease.

Dressing room cabinetsHandmade wooden drawersWith a good range of bespoke handmade storage available in the dressing room, the adjoining bedroom can be kept clutter free and helps to keep the home feeling organised and orderly.

When it comes to decorating the dressing room we always suggest neutral colours as this allows the true colour of your garments to be seen and also helps where there is a lack of natural light. Smaller dressing rooms can benefit from lighter colours as they give the appearance of greater space. Personal tastes will prevail but where possible white is the go-to colour as it allows other colours to be used with great effect.

When it comes to selecting floor covering we generally suggest continuation of the flooring from adjoining rooms to maintain the look and feel of the main room. Here the striped carpet continues in to the small dressing room.

Bespoke dressing room storage
At Barnes we focus on maximising the space available and our skilled cabinet makers allow this by creating storage that works and designs that hide the unwanted such as clever access points to reach services behind the cabinetry.

This particular dressing room was part of a larger project and have been working in the house for years for the previous owner & have recently completed a kitchen refurbishment, bedroom design, free standing side board & dining table for the new owners.

The cabinets are finished in Farrow & Balls Cornforth White with solid oak tops in an oil finish. Other features requested were solid Oak drawers and custom made shoe box shelving units.

If you are interested in dressing room design or indeed any other room of your house feel free to contact us here at Barnes.

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