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Further to the ‘Mans Best Friend‘ post last month our most popular built in custom dog bed has hit the headlines in Devon Life magazine where the article explores contemporary storage solutions for the home.

Custom made dogs bed for the kitchenThe bespoke dogs bed can be built in to your existing kitchen or can be part of the design of your new dream kitchen. Dogs, as you’ll probably know, like to be involved in everything about the house and that includes the kitchen. So when you are busy preparing food or entertaining, the pooch now has some luxury accomodation of its own.

Because this is a custome design the dimensions can be varied to suit the space you have available and of course the size of your dog! The dogs bed in the picture fits in licely below two large kitchen drawers and provides enough space for a dog to stand and stretch before they settle down for their next kip.
With a painted finish in a coulour of your choice the dogs bed is easy to keep clean and provides that bit of cover that most dogs like that allows them to relax knowing that they’re safely away from the chefs feet or the odd dropped utensil.

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