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We have been designing and building handmade kitchens for over forty years. During this time we have encountered all manner of requests where clients have had a clear idea of how they want their dream kitchen to be.

Perhaps the one thing that many of our clients have had less clarity on is a colour scheme for their proposed kitchen design. The most common and biggest considerations when it comes to kitchen design are typically appliances and layout and creating a space that is practical and works. The scope and function of the kitchen has widened dramatically over the past decade or two so getting the visual elements right can be more challenging.

The impact of the right colour scheme can make all the difference. Colours can give the impression of more or less space, colours make the room inviting and set the right atmosphere encouraging homely food and hosting.

Things to consider when picking a kitchen colour scheme

Kitchen shape and size

We all know that lighter shades such as whites and pastels give the impression of more space while darker colours have the opposite effect, making a room feel smaller and cosier.

So if you are short on space or have low ceilings, darker shades and colours should be avoided as them may give a cramped claustrophobic feel to the room.

Depending on your overall kitchen design, you may opt for trending pastels if your kitchen is contemporary or if the building is more traditional then a classic feel with muted hues such as taupe or light grey may do the trick.

White can be used intermittently by incorporating it in specific areas helping to make the kitchen look bigger by adding visual depth and reflecting light to areas that need it.

If on the other hand you have a large kitchen you can be more adventurous and explore a wider range of colour adding darker more dramatic tones to create visual appeal. Adding bright and bold colours like orange or red will draw the eye allowing more scope within the bigger room.

Kitchen lighting

The amount of natural light entering the room will influence the colour scheme of your kitchen. Essentially, dark spaces benefit from vivid vibrant colours whereas spaces which benefit from natural light suit darker bolder colours. Knowing the direction your house and particularly your kitchen faces can help with the lighting and ultimately the colour scheme.

Natural light takes on different qualities depending on the direction it comes from. A south facing room is likely to be dowsed in natural light much of the day whereas natural light entering north facing rooms usually displays a bluish quality. So the type of lighting that you fit and the wall colours you select are likely to vary depending on the direction of this natural light.

Designer kitchen lighting in a Devon kitchenWhen it comes to selecting lights for your kitchen, you ought consider the type of light used as this varies particularly when using LED lighting which tends to give a crisper light than a traditional Edison type bulb which gives a warmer less direct light.

The paint colours can be surprisingly transformed when seen under natural lighting so we always suggest creating some test areas in spaces where the light conditions vary considerably. By applying hand painted test patches you can experiment endlessly until you find the right colour and tone for your kitchen.

Kitchen style

When we have our initial chat with new clients we are always keen to understand their likes and dislikes and to get a feel for the property age and style so that we can ensure that the kitchen design blends with other nearby rooms complimenting the rest of your home. Broadly speaking, properties range from modern contemporary through to older traditional and sometimes classic builds.

Kitchen features may also influence the overall style and colour scheme of the decoration. Hues in the kitchen are composed of the walls and cabinets but also flooring and work surfaces. Floors for example can range from traditional rustic dark woods with grain patterns on one hand to more muted smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles.

We would love to hear from you if you are planning a new kitchen in the next 12 months. Our expert team are always ready for new challenges whether its a new contemporary kitchen or something a little more traditional. From design to installation and completion, Barnes of Ashburton can help you all the way.

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