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If you are in the process of kitchen design for your home then a major consideration is the type of floor that you choose. Earlier this month we looked at stone flooring for kitchens and the pro’s and cons of natural stone floor tiles. Here at Barnes wood flooring seems to have been the most popular over the years so we’re writing up our account of what to consider when looking at wooden floor options.

Thanks to its forgiving natural form, timber flooring is an ideal choice for kitchens whether they be sleek and modern in design or more traditional, there is always a wood floor covering to suit.

Wood flooring for your new kitchen

A light and airy Kitchen with handmade cabinetry

The natural texture of the wood floor adds character to this beautiful Barnes kitchen

The single caution that we look out for in kitchen design is timber overload. If you have opted for large swathes of natural timber in your choice of cabinets and work tops then wooden flooring is probably not going to work. If however your cabinets are painted and surfaces stone then there is great scope for deploying that dreamy luxurious wooden floor.

The wood in many period properties can be ideal for refinishing. Solid timber floor renovation is a good opportunity to retain original features within your property and done well it produces a warm and practical floor with a unique charm.

Traditional floorboards

Thick hardwood floorboards can be sanded a number of times thanks to their depth. So there’s a good chance that an original floor can be retained and finished in a way to suit your kitchen design. Once sanded and repaired, wooden floorboards can be stained and finished in virtually any colour you like giving you an abundance of choice.

If you are not fortunate enough to have preexisting wooden floors to work with then there are many options open to you. You can of course opt for floorboards and select a wood of your choice. If you do this then consider the hardness and opt for a robust wood such as Blackbutt or Victorian Ash which will provide  a heard wearing surface which requires little maintenance.

Finished or unfinished wood

You can opt for prefinished or unfinished planks. The benefits of prefinished flooring are that the timber has been sanded stained and sealed at the workshop so all you need to do is lay. However some prefinished flooring has slightly beveled edges which are not always suitable for use in the kitchen as thy can attract moisture ingress.

Reclaimed planks are another option. Typically these are laid as they are then you start the refinishing process. This is a good option for those who are more eco friendly and want to recycle materials. As long as they are installed with care with boards butting up nicely then a reclaimed timber floorboards are a good choice for kitchens.

Baltic pine is popular but is not durable and can be prone to dents from shoe heels, dog claws or dragged furniture. The Scandi look can be achieved using other woods with careful consideration.

A bespoke kitchen design from Barnes of Ashburton

A warming wooden floor in a traditional Barnes kitchen

Engineered timber boards

One notch down the budget scale is engineered wood flooring. This is a veneered solution that has a top layer of timber that is sandwiched on to a non-wood substrate. The reduction in wood content impacts on cost and also comes with other benefits including being more stable and less susceptible to warp and movement.

Available in different thicknesses, engineered wood flooring can be sanded so the thicker you opt for the longer your floor will last. Fitting this engineered wood provides a quick result and can look every bit as good as traditional floorboards and is considered more eco friendly due to the reduced amount of slow grown hardwood.

Whichever wooden floor covering you opt for you will want to consider noise and soften things by using occasional rugs and other soft furnishings.

Bespoke kitchen deisgn Devon

So in general wood is a fine choice for your newly design kitchen as long as you are selective with the wood and the finish. Wooden kitchen flooring offers lots of visual warmth and texture bringing a natural earthy appeal which can work with all kitchen designs. If you have natural wooden floors elsewhere in the house, matching these can bring some flow blending the rooms seamlessly in to one.

Once in place a wooden floor is comfortable and practical and warmer than other options like stone or polished concrete. Another benefit in some households is that wooden flooring will spare the odd dropped crock or wine glass as it is far more forgiving than the alternatives.

If you are wanting kitchen design or are looking to replace your kitchen in the next twelve months why not get in touch and give us the chance to listen to your ideas and maybe we can help you with the design and planning of your new kitchen.

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