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With only three weeks to go until Christmas there’s little time left for preparation and gift buying. When stuck for present ideas for friends and family we often look at kitchen gadgets to fill any gaps. Kitchen gadgets can be used throughout the entertaining season and beyond and always seem to go down well !

Whether you have a contemporary kitchen or a more classic kitchen there is always some scope for a new nifty kitchen gadget so here’s our list of the top 5 such Christmas gifts:

Gourmet Mandoline Slicer

At Christmas there’s always twice as much to slice in preparation for the big festive feed so why not make light of the job with a pro slicer. With this kitchen gem you can easily adjust the cutting thickness and once done it is suitable to go in the dishwasher. Don’t worry about the blade because there is  a special safety guard to protect your digits.

A kitchen dream - the mandolineThe Spiralizer

Another must have for any kitchen is a Spiralizer which also makes it easier to entice kids to eat more vegetables as they create fun swirly strips of vegetables which are more fun to eat and always seem to taste better. Whether it’s a quick mid week salad or a gastro masterpiece you will impress your guests with your culinary works of art!

Kitchen scales

The best kitchen scales we've foundFrom old school weighing scales for the traditional kitchen to more modern digital scales for the contemporary or modern kitchens there are scales to suit all. Our favourite is the Joseph Joseph Tri Scale as it is both functional and easy to use but also very easy to store away in the kitchen drawer once finished with.

Thermospatula thermometer and stirrer in one

You might not think you need one of these kitchen gadgets but once youve used in once it will become a favourite and is easy to store even in the smallest of kitchens. Whether youre melting chocolate or making jam this lets you stir and monitor the temperature at the same time.

Microplane grater

The best grater for any kitchen classic or contemporayAvailable in a range of coarseness these graters are super sharp which means you get the job done quicker. Whether you’re zesting citrus fruit or finely grating Parmesan cheese this little wonder will get the job done in no time at all. When not in use it comes with a guard to protect your fingers when you delve in to the kitchen drawer.

We spend more time in our kitchens than ever before and they have become the center of many homes as our desires for cooking and socialising together increase. Storage in the kitchen can be a challenge so we have selected smaller kitchen gadgets so they don’t represent a storage problem. All of the above items are easily bought online if you’re short of time or you could enjoy a visit to a good kitchen shop such as Lakeland.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas from the team here at Barnes of Ashburton

If you are looking to modernise, refurbish or completely replace your kitchen our design and build team here at Barnes are on hand to help guide you through the myriad of considerations when planning the new kitchen. Our skilled cabinet makers are able to create bespoke kitchen cabinetry to fit the space you have available be it big or small we can help you with your dream kitchen.

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