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Sometimes described as the place where all 5 senses reside, the kitchen really is the heart of many homes, the place where we meet, we eat and we carry on with so many other things which is why good kitchen design is key.

Here at Barnes we have been designing and making bespoke kitchens for decades and thought it a good time to shed some light to help inspire your thoughts in you are considering a new kitchen this Autumn, be it traditional or contemporary the same considerations apply for everyone.

Let there be light

With summer retreating and the autumn on the horizon we will soon see the days getting shorter and early mornings in the kitchen being dark so we need to focus on making the most of natural daylight whether its a modern kitchen or something more classic the more light the better. With good kitchen design there are a few tricks that can make the difference in those 5 or 6 darker months of the year.

Keep the windows clear, whether you have many or few and big or small kitchen windows let the light in and brightens the whole room. So keep the valance and curtains away and consider keeping a clean, spacious look as this will reflect more light into the kitchen.

Time to declutter

A change of season is a good time to have a bit of a clear up and remove some of the clutter that has built up during the summer months. This is especially a good idea on the kitchen countertops and shelving, moving items that can be put away. If you have many decorative objects it can be a good exercise to remove them all and look at the reclaimed space. They can be put back, moved around or left out of the equation to give the impression of space.

Decorative kitchen accessories

During the darker months its worth incorporating more lighter coloured accessories in to the kitchen to brighten up the space as they will collectively add more light, these may be serving ware, pottery or decorative bowls. Although we’re going in to autumn and then winter introducing some colours and whites will help lift the mood and your spirits in the coming months.

Kitchen lighting

With less natural light flooding in to the kitchen than in the summer months we can consider artificial lighting in the kitchen planning stage. Whether its a classic kitchen with hanging pendant lights over a kitchen island or recessed ceiling lighting in a more modern contemporary kitchen, light in all its manifestations has a huge impact on every kitchen.

Why not browse our gallery to see how these things could brighten up your kitchen. Or if you need some help with kitchen design you can pop in to our showroom here in Ashburton where you can see more of our handmade cabinetry, freestanding kitchen furniture and of course lighting. We always here to help you plan your new kitchen and help you through the design stage all the way through to the installation by our skilled craftsmen. Although we’re based in Devon we install our hand crafted kitchens all over the UK.

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