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About a year ago we wrote a post about kitchen storage solutions and how to make the best of the space you have available. Since then we have come across a few more ideas for sneaking in some additional storage in to your kitchen so thought we’d add to our previous post which you can see here.

With most of us spending more time than usual at home over the past year or so the kitchen has had to diversify for many of us and become so much more than before with space rewquired for a bit of work or study. New items like laptops have appeared and are now almost permanent fixtures in the kitchen. For this reason, storage is now more of a premium than ever before.

Good kitchen design always covers functionaliuty and ergonimics, working out how the kitchen will be used and then plannig the location of the key parts to make things easier. Some larger properties may have the luxury of a larder, pantry or separate room for the stiorage of the food fresh and dry. For smaller properties making the most of the space available is absolutely key.

Traditionally kitchens included pieces of freestanding furniture such as a handmade wooden pantry cupboard or a painted Welsh dresser which would be used to store all manner of food from tinned food to jars of spices and other food stuffs. A mix of cupaboard space, drawers and wooden tops provided scope for storing most things including crockery, the nices of whic was often displayed on the shelves for show.

These days more folk request fitted kitchen storage in the form of surface monuted or wall monuted cupboards, peninsulas or kitchen islands which offer a mix of strong wooden shelves, kitchen drawers and counter tops. A pensinsula formed from a number of handmade cabinets topped with a worktop is a useful addition to any kitchen if you have the space. One main bebefit of a peninsula is the additional worktop space that it provides which is ideal for a host of purposes throughtout the day raingng from food prepearation through to home office space or somewhere to do your homework.


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