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Here at Barnes, we are long standing lovers of the humble kitchen pantry and firm believers that every kitchen across the land should have one. Large or small, the pantry can transform the home kitchen and how well it works, helping the chef to lay his or her hands on the essentials with ease. It sounds so simple but being able to lay your hands straight on the right ingredient makes food preparation so much easier.

A brief history of kitchen pantries

Did you know that the word ‘pantry’ derives from an old French word ‘paneterie’ which means related to bread or ‘pain’ as our friends over the water call it. In medieval times there were specific areas for most foods, including the larder for meat, the pantry for the bread and the buttery… well it was for the alcohol as often as not.

In addition to the kitchen pantry, older and grander houses might also have a butler’s pantry where items of value would be stored often under lock and key. Silverware was generally kept in the butler’s pantry when not in use and in some instances there was a bed in the big pantries so the valuables could be guarded both day and night !

Then along came the refrigerator and many of these storage areas became out of vogue. Pantries used to range from small simple single shelves within a cupboard in smaller houses to huge walk-in pantries in the grander houses. Pantry design was an interesting reflection of what was going on at that time socially, economically and architecturally.

A free standing Barnes pantry

Kitchen design

So, back to Barnes and after 30 years+ of perfecting pantry design we are ready to build a handmade bespoke pantry to suit your kitchen. Whether it is a freestanding wooden design with full height double doors and integrated drawers or a built-in pantry that blends in to the kitchen, you can tell us what is important to you and we will design a solution that fits the bill and keeps the chef happy.

The perfect place to store your most used ingredients and favourite spices, a Barnes pantry is not only a practical kitchen storage solution but also a stunning feature that is a pleasure to use. As with all of our handmade cabinetry the Barnes kitchen pantries all come with a lifelong guarantee.

Pantry design

Our handmade pantries are made predominately from hardwoods such as limewood and walnut. Glass fronts can be used in part to display the contents. A mix of shelves, rakcs, doors and drawers provide the storage to suit your requirements and internal LED lighting can be added to display up the contents when the doors are opened.

Spices and bottled goods are often stored on the back of the doors to make them easily accessible and on view at all times. Internal shelves can be U-shaped to keep all items in easy reach. Where customers have opted for a larger pantry cupboard, we can design them to incorporate integrated appliances such as a warming drawer, single ovens and combination/steam ovens. As with everything we make it is all bespoke and therefore anything is possible.

A bespoke pantry is a must have for the organised chef and over the years we have created pantries large and small to cater for kitchen designs of all types be they modern and contemporary or more traditional classic kitchens. To see more, why not browse our kitchens to get some ideas on how our design team can help put your ideas for that new kitchen in to place.

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