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We have, over the years come up with some wonderful storage solutions for clients’ kitchens where we have squeezed every possible centimeter of space and created storage for all manner of kitchen goodies from fresh herbs and spices to maturing wines.

There are however 5 kitchen storage solutions which are timeless classics and have a place in every kitchen regardless of design and decor. These allow your room work efficiently making daily duties easier while retaining the look of your beloved kitchen. Whether built in freestanding or retro fitted these ideas can help transform your kitchen.

1             Cleverly concealed cabinetry

As kitchens are about so much more than food prep and consumption many of us like to keep the appliances and gadgets tucked out of sight. Imagine a hidey hole for your everyday items like toasters, blenders and coffee machines leaving your counters clear of clutter. Clever cabinetry can be incorprated in to all kitchen designs whether classic or contemporary.

Clever cantilevered kitchen cupboards keep clean lines

2             Vintage charm

The classic Barnes open dish rack compliments virtually all kitchen designs. Whether painted or natural wood the vintage style rack with its stacks of bowls and rows of plates adds an orderly aire and leaves your most wanted items within easy reach.


The classic Barnes plate rack looks great in any kitchen

3             The Canine cavern

For many of us a dog is a mans best firend and for those of you who do have a pooch or two then you’ll love our under counter dog bed. We all know that dogs like to keep an eye on our every move and we also know that just occasionally they get in the way while we’re trying to get a meal prepared or served. Our crafty canine cavern gives the best of both worlds by including the dog but keeping him or her out of our way.

A built in dog bed under a kitchen counter

4           Vertical drawers

As often as not there can be some lost space under a kitchen counter where some valuable storage can be won. This tall narrow pull out storage is an ideal place to host long thin items such as baking trays and cooling racks, upright bottles and tubes of foil and film.

Handmade wooden pullout kitchen cupboard

5            Spicing things up

The spice rack has evolved and our drawer based wooden spice rack allows you to conceal your jars out of sight but still gain easy visible access to the jars required. This versatile pull out solution can cater for up to 36 standard jars with ease leaving the walls free of clutter.

A spice rack built in to a kitchen drawer

As designers and makers of bespoke kitchens we can make anything from wood. Our handmade kitchens are designed to maximise the efficiency of the space that you have. Our skilled cabinet makers create quality functional kitchens that help you to enjoy the hub of your home and make your time in the kitchen efficient and enjoyable.

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