Our Work Shop

We encourage you to visit our Devon workshop where you can see for yourself that each element of every Barnes kitchen is hand built – nothing is bought in or contracted out. Our Kitchen designers and cabinetmakers take pride pursuing the practices and methods historically used for building household and kitchen furniture. For centuries the mortice and tenon joint has been used to provide the strength and durability necessary to ensure furniture lasts through the generations, and Barnes craftsmen are happy to be using this exact same jointing method to ensure that your kitchen will last a lifetime and beyond.

In today’s world the demand for things to be made quickly and cheaply leads to the mass production of kitchens that lack the quality and longevity of a more traditional approach. By contrast, all Barnes Kitchens come with a Lifetime Guarantee because we know your kitchen will last forever having been built by hand using tried and tested methods.

Barnes Environmental Policy

Increasingly producers and customers have become more aware of their responsibility to ensure all materials and products are sourced legally and produced sustainably. At Barnes we take this responsibility seriously and work with local like-minded timber merchants to ensure all the wood used to build our kitchens meets FSC certification specifications. We also have close working relationships with local suppliers of worktops, appliances and lighting so that wherever possible our commitment to safeguarding the environment is maintained.